Mold inspections

Remediate mold issues in your home or business for good

With an NEHA certified professional, you can depend on expert care for your mold removal.



Mold inspections
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Why get Mold Inspection for your Home or Business?

  • Recent water damage
  • Visible sign of mold growth
  • Strange smell
  • Continuous sinus problems and/or cough, that is not helped by allergy medications
  • Ongoing respiratory symptoms that cause you concerns about mold in your home
  • Looking to buy or sell real estate
  • Peace of mind for you and your family’s health

You can rely on Harford Radon to provide professional unbiased mold inspections and testing in your home or business. In accordance with Maryland state law, if we inspect your home and find mold, we will not be the company to mitigate.  So our main focus is to provide our clients with the most reliable honest testing and inspection for mold possible, at rates you can afford.  We are members of the Indoor Air Quality Association certification # 7839. 

You need a trained professional with the knowledge to address your concerns without costing a fortune of causing unnecessary alarm. You need a professional that will conduct a home inspection in accordance with accepted industry standards, and who is a Council-Certified Microbial Remediator.

Solve future mold issues

Our mold inspections begin with a thorough visual inspection of your property  We’ll identify any red flags like excess moisture, water intrusion, and visible growth, as well as HVAC system, attics and crawl spaces. We will take surface and air samples to send to an independent lab for further testing.

Once we received the test back from the lab, we will combine our visual inspection results with the lab results. Using a well qualified mold  inspector along with a reputable laboratory to provide you with the most accurate and cost effective conclusions and recommendations. 

Call Harford radon today with questions about mold inspections and testing.

If you have suffered from water damage, call an expert to restore your home and remove any signs of mold.


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