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Keep your home or business safe from the toxic effects of mold

Don’t leave your family members and pets exposed to dangerous mold spores. Contact the experts at Harford Radon and Real Estate Services for your mold inspection or mold mitigation service today. Being locally owned and operated we pride ourselves on providing honest mold assessment, we will design a mold remediation system to do the job right and to fit your individual needs at a price that will have you breathing easier.

Home interiors

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Harford Radon & Real Estate Repair Services serves the entire Baltimore metro area and surrounding counties.

At Harford radon we understand the health and quality of life for your family is your number one concern.  We make it our number one concern to quickly and efficiently work to remove all mold within your home keeping the integrity of your living environment intact as much as possible. 

Any home or business can have mold.  Mold will grow in any type of damp or humid environment.  It can start without being seen, behind walls, in ceilings, attics, craw space, HVAC systems, in your foundation and more.

Water damage in a home or building is the leading cause of microbial contamination, If not  handled promptly, bacteria and fungus can quickly colonize and grow, posing potential health risks for inhabitants. 

There are a few different remediation methods to remove mold.  The professionals at Harford Radon will discuss with you the best environmentally sound, proven plan of action for complete removal of the mold within your home or business.  We are CMR Certified  (Council-Certified Microbial Remeditator)  and members of the  Indoor Air Quality Association # 7839 (IAQA). 

Are you unsure of how to fix the mold problem in your home or business?

It is extremely important that the cleaning and restoration process is done correctly.  If handled incorrectly, high levels of bacterial and fungal spores can become aerosolized and cause respiratory complications such as allergies, allergic disease, and toxic disease. This can be particularly dangerous for at-risk populations such as infants, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

After water damage of any kind, prompt and proper actions are necessary to avoid contamination problems. These actions may include removal of contaminated materials, properly drying out the area and appropriate cleaning and disinfectant procedures. This will help prevent microbial colonization by bacteria and fungi. 

For more information please view the materials in our Downloads section. You need a trained professional with the knowledge to address your concerns without costing a fortune of causing unnecessary alarm.  

Call us today for more information about how we can provide you with an efficient solution for mold in your home or business. 

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